Tracking software

Once you have ad tracking software in place on your site, it’s a trivial matter to discover your real return on investment. In the example above, you know how much it cost to have ad number 486 displayed, and you know how much money you made from those who clicked through to it. Even if you’re not trying to convert sales, but simply get visitors to subscribe to a newsletter or something, you need to be able to evaluate how much it’s costing each time someone clicks through and performs the desired actions on your site.

When you’re tracking ads, you want to uniquely identify not just the banner ad graphic itself, but also keep track of the site or ad network the ad ran on. If you run the “click to win dog food” banner ad on a run-of-network basis, you may only get a .5% click-through, with 5% of click-throughs resulting in sales. Don’t blame the banner, though, because you just targeted the ad poorly. Running the ad targeted at sites for dog lovers may garner a 2% click-through with the same 5% resulting in sales. At this rate, you could afford to pay 4 times as much for the targeted banner impressions and still get the same return on investment. If you only track the banner itself, you’ll never know which network or site is producing the best conversion rate.

Now that you know how to calculate and track the value of your banner advertising, you’ll be able to test different banners, networks, and sites.

How Much Is A Click-Through Worth?

One of the biggest myths about banner advertising is the notion that click-through rate is all-important in measuring the success of a campaign. The click-through ratio is just one of the factors you need to look at when evaluating your banner advertising. It’s relatively easy to get high click-through, but hard to get real return on investment. This explains why many website operators give up on banner advertising altogether. That’s a real shame, because a well-managed and well-measured campaign can be very profitable.

As an example of why click-through can be misleading, consider two banner ads. The first ad reads “click here for a chance to win $1000”, and the second reads “click here for a chance to win $1000 worth of dog food.” Presented to a general audience, the first ad will garner a lot more clicks, but if you’re trying to sell dog food, the second ad is clearly going to be more effective in delivering qualified customers to your site.

The key to determining return on investment is figuring what your advertising cost is, as a percentage of the profits gained on the sales it generates. To do this, it’s important that your banner advertising link back to your site in a way that allows you to measure your success rate. For example, don’t just link your banner ads to, have them link to, and get your web site developer to code your site so that the resulting click-throughs and sales can be tracked.


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Ancestors Family Name Histories and Coats of Arms

Interest by families and individuals attempting to find out more about their heritage, history and origins have grown in the last decade. Many pursue and gather information to build their family tree or what is commonly called Genealogy. Others collect information on the origin of their name, how it was started, when, if the name was changed, from what spelling and if the name was awarded a Coat of Arms. This is called the study of Onomastics, and this is what Ancestors Family Name Histories is all about.

While we have very valuable information that those working on a family tree can use, we do not offer genealogy information on a particular family. We do provide information on the family name that is suitable for framing as well as the Coat of Arms for the family name in many styles, if one is available.

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